Tungsten is a rare element found naturally on earth and is typically found as a compound with other elements. It has the highest melting point of any element discovered, melting at 3,422 °C (6,192 °F), and the highest boiling point, at 5,930 °C (10,710 °F).

It’s no surprise then that tungsten and tungsten alloys have a number of uses, including in  incandescent light bulbs, X-ray tubes, electric contacts, superalloys, arc-welding electrodes, and radiation shielding. It’s also added to alloys, like steel, to make them stronger.

Many industries, including Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Medical, use tools containing tungsten. It’s high density is also needed in things like weights, counterweights, and ballasts in yachts, aircraft, helicopters, and even race cars!

The manufacturers who create these tools, also create tungsten waste and tungsten sludge.

That’s where we come in! Globe Metal can recycle a number of forms of tungsten and tungsten carbide, including:

  • Drills and inserts of all grades; brazed or clean
  • Sludge, otherwise known as “grinding swarf”, that contains oil and moisture.
  • Tungsten carbide powder, a material that is typically used in the thermal spray process for hard facing.
  • Tungsten catalyst waste in the petroleum industry or from scrap metal dealers
  • Asphalt milling teeth, also known as “carbide grinding tips”, typically worn all the way down to the steel.
  • Morgan rolls scrap, even with a nickel or cobalt binder. We can also recycle Morgan rolls scrap in the forms of turnings and sludge.
  • Carbide cartridge filters filled with wet or dry carbide as well as metal or paper carbide filters
  • Tungsten alloys, including:
    • Densalloy solid scrap, turnings, and sludge
    • Hevitmet sludge and grindings
    • Mallory alloy scrap, sludge, grindings, and turnings

Globe Metal not only buys tungsten and tungsten carbide in a variety of forms, but also from many different industries, including machining shops, mining companies, wood processors, and manufacturers.

In turn, we have a global network of buyers to which we sell tungsten carbide. Through this network, we’re able to see and access market opportunities others may miss, thereby helping the seller receive top value for their material.

Buyers trust us, because our recycling process produces a continuous and reliable supply of raw materials.

To learn more about recycling tungsten with Globe Metal, send us a message today.