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Copper Scrap Recycling:
Pick Up And Deliver Worldwide

Globe Metal® handles simple and complex forms of copper from a wide variety of industries. In addition to purchasing copper pipe and wire, we also buy copper alloys such as cupronickel, brass or bronze. We also purchase large volumes of copper bearing filter cakes, copper grinding sludges or copper wire drawing material.

What is Copper?

Copper is a malleable, ductile, metallic element that has a distinct reddish-brown color. Industrially, copper is used in large quantities as an electrical conductor and in the manufacture of alloys, such as brass and bronze. Since copper is such an effective conductor of electricity, it is also routinely used in the production of electrical generators and motors, electrical wiring, and electronic goods, such as radio and TV sets. Copper is also an effective heat conductor that sees wide use in motor vehicle radiators, air-conditioners, and home heating systems.

Forms of Copper that Globe Metal® Can Recycle

  • Copper Solids
  • Copper Sludge
  • Copper Residue
  • Copper Powder
  • Copper Revert
  • Catalyst
  • Foundry Byproducts

Who Sells Copper to Globe Metal®?

Our copper processing is fueled by material that we purchase from businesses in a variety of industries. We reclaim this material by using innovative and environmentally conscious methods to extract copper raw material. Globe Metal® makes a conscious effort to keep our doors open to industries around the world. We make it as easy as possible for companies of all sizes to handle recyclable materials in a manner that is both economically and environmentally advantageous.

Who Buys Recycled Copper from Globe Metal®?

There are many players in the metal marketplace that make extensive use of repurposed copper raw material. Our copper processing has provided materials for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, construction, electrical, heating and cooling, transportation, shipbuilding, and the military. Our customers have come to trust and rely on our continual supply of quality industrial copper.

Globe Metal® is a ISO certified metal recycler and a proud member of Minor Metals Trade Association.


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    Thanks to our 40-year history in metals recycling, we know the market like the back of our hands. We have the knowledge to give you the best price per pound for your material. Talk to a buyer now. Complete the form above.

    We Simplify The Recycling Process

    At Globe Metal®, we break down our customer experience into three simple steps: 1) You call for an estimate. 2) We arrange pickup of your material. 3) We send you a check after recycling your materials.

    We’re Global

    Based in Montreal, we are among the worldwide leaders in recycling in Canada and around the world, representing a large market share for metals across the U.S. We also have a significant buyer and seller base worldwide. Schedule a shipment.

    We’ll Help You Manage Your Materials

    Globe Metal® will provide you with new U.N. rated drums to store your spent catalyst; our waste management materials meet all regulatory specifications. We’ll also send you certificates of responsible recycling for government agencies.