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High-Speed Tool Steel (HSS) Scrap Recycling:
40 Years of Experience

Globe Metal® works with high speed tool steel turnings, HSS chips, HSS drill bits, HSS inserts, M2 scrap, M1 scrap, M7 scrap, M42 scrap, T-15 scrap and D2 tool steel scrap.

What is High-Speed Tool Steel?

High-speed steel (HSS or HS) is a subset of tool steels, commonly used as cutting tool material. It is superior to the older high-carbon steel tools used extensively through the 1940s because it can withstand higher temperatures without losing its temper (hardness). HSS is used in a multitude of applications, such as drilling, milling, turning, threading, boring, broaching, gear cutting and many other machining operations. High-Speed Steel is used for form tools, slitter knives, guillotine knives, parting tools, saw blades, to name a few.

Forms of High-Speed Tool Steel that Globe Metal® Can Recycle:

  • Steel turnings: Machine shop turnings are clean steel or wrought iron turnings, free of iron borings, nonferrous metals in a free state, scale, or excessive oil. 
  • HSS drill bits are made from carbon steel with the addition of other elements such as chrome and vanadium, allowing them to be used at high drilling speeds. HSS bits can be used to drill iron, steel and other metals such as brass, copper and aluminum alloy. They can also be used to drill plastic.
  • HSS chip and inserts
  • HSS Grades: M2 scrap, M1 scrap, M7 scrap, M42 scrap, T-15 scrap, D2 tool steel scrap

Who Sells Recycled High-Speed Tool Steel To Globe Metal®?

Globe Metal® primarily buys HSS steel scrap from tool manufacturers, but also from machine shops using high-speed steel inserts and drill bits. Our customer base consists of the largest scrap dealers in the world. Sell us your mixed HSS scrap and we’ll sort, grade, and pay you for each alloy we recover.

Who Buys Recycled High-Speed Tool Steel From Globe Metal®?

We work hand-in-hand with high-speed tool steel mills, smelters, and refineries, providing them with many of their raw HSS steel materials.

Globe Metal® is a ISO certified metal recycler and a proud member of Minor Metals Trade Association.


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    Thanks to our 40-year history in metals recycling, we know the market like the back of our hands. We have the knowledge to give you the best price per pound for your material. Talk to a buyer now. Complete the form above.

    We Simplify The Recycling Process

    At Globe Metal®, we break down our customer experience into three simple steps: 1) You call for an estimate. 2) We arrange pickup of your material. 3) We send you a check after recycling your materials.

    We’re Global

    Based in Montreal, we are among the worldwide leaders in recycling in Canada and around the world, representing a large market share for metals across the U.S. We also have a significant buyer and seller base worldwide. Schedule a shipment.

    We’ll Help You Manage Your Materials

    Globe Metal® will provide you with new U.N. rated drums to store your spent catalyst; our waste management materials meet all regulatory specifications. We’ll also send you certificates of responsible recycling for government agencies.