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Metal Recycling Services Globe Metal® Offers

There are practically no limits to the metal recycling services Globe Metal® provides. Operating out of an 88,000-square foot plant in Montreal, our company employs some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the metals waste recycling and recovery industry.

Thanks to our 40-year history, we stand ready to accurately assess the levels of specific metals in your scrap and offer you the best price. Below is an overview of the metals we recycle. Within each category are lists of specific types of these metals we recycle and manage. Let Globe Metal® be your full-scale solution for handling your metals waste and providing your company with a new revenue stream. Learn about industries that we are working with.

Molybdenum (Moly)

Molybdenum recycling can deliver cost benefits and environment benefits. Globe frequently purchases Molybdenum solids, turnings, powders, catalyst and sludges.


Globe Metal® recycles pure nickel, alloys and nickel-chromium (NiCr) and nickel-copper (NiCu) superalloys (Inconel, Monel and Hastelloy). We regularly buy Nickel bearing solids, turnings, powders, catalyst, sludges & nickel filtercakes.


Drills, inserts, sludge, powder, spent catalyst, milling teeth, Morgan rolls, filter scrap and tungsten alloys. You name it, Globe Metal® is capable of helping you recycle it for profit.


Globe Metal® is one of the only companies in North America that is capable of recycling and handling scrap titanium powder.


We recycle and reclaim all forms of pure cobalt and cobalt containing scrap.


In addition to buying solid copper and cupronickel (also known as copper-nickel) materials we also purchase large volumes of copper sludge, turnings, powders, catalyst along with many foundry bi-products.

High-Speed Tool Steel

Sell us your mixed HSS scrap and we’ll sort and grade every single piece then pay you for each alloy we recover.


In addition to the metals Globe Metal® recycles—including HSS, Tungsten, Titanium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Cobalt, and Copper—we also handle a wider variety.


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