Forms of Metal That We Recycle

Which metal forms can Globe Metal® recycle for your business?

  • Overspray Powder Recycling
  • Metal Powder and Sludges
  • Spent Catalyst Recycling
  • Metal Containing Waste Streams
  • Mining Equipment Recycling (Types)

Overspray Powder Recycling

Globe Metal® is the worldwide recycling authority of overspray from high-velocity oxygen (HVOF) dust, twin arc, flame spray, metalizing, spray wire, plasma spray, laser cladding, hard facing, welding, Babbitt spray, cold spraying, plasma transferred arc and the detonation gun process. In addition, Globe Metal® recycles thermal spray waste from dust collectors, filters, grindings, floor sweeps, virgin powder, overspray, grinding sludge, thermal spray chips, thermal spray masking tape, dust, grit, and chunks.

Metal Powder and Sludges

As Globe Metal® is ISO-certified, we offer the best price per pound and make transportation of your metals easy. We will arrange to ship metal powder and sludge from your business to our plant regardless of where you are in the world. Most of our metal powder and sludge feedstock comes from the thermal spray industry. We also buy filter cake from nickel platters, sludge from grinding operations, stainless steel manufacturers and many other industries. We recycle scrap nickel powder, scrap cobalt powder, scrap molybdenum powder, scrap tungsten carbide powder, brass powder, bronze powder, copper powder, iron powder, stainless steel powder from stainless and steel mill scale.

Spent Catalyst Recycling

Globe Metal® recycles spent catalyst materials from the chemical, petrochemical, and oil industries, delating with hydrogenation, adhesives and food production. As a result, Globe Metal® recycles spent nickel catalysts (Ni), spent molybdenum catalysts (Mo), spent tungsten catalyst (W), spent copper catalysts (Cu), spent platinum catalysts (Pt), spent cobalt catalysts (Co) and raney nickel catalyst scrap.

Metal That Contains Waste Streams

A growing part of Globe Metal®’s worldwide recycling business is recovering metal in materials that were previously destined for landfills. We’ll take a look at any metal that contains waste to see if we can find a home in our global network.

Mining Equipment Recycling (Types)

Globe Metal® has developed a worldwide network for recycling mining scrap. Since 1975 we’ve purchased mining compacts, tricones and hammer bits from mining operations around the world.  

Please note we only accept a minimum weight of 2200 pounds for this material.


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    At Globe Metal®, we break down our customer experience into three simple steps: 1) You call for an estimate. 2) We arrange pickup of your material. 3) We send you a check after recycling your materials.

    We’ll help you manage your materials

    Globe Metal® will provide you with new U.N. rated drums to store your spent catalyst; our waste management materials meet all regulatory specifications. We’ll also send you certificates of responsible recycling for government agencies.

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