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Recycling Process and Services

Globe Metal®’s recycling process is thorough, accurate and complete. And we back it up with services that give you the confidence in knowing that you’re dealing with professionals.


Globe Metal® works with an international network of suppliers and buyers and employs an expert team to give you peace of mind. We guarantee that your material will go through the appropriate recycling process and that you receive fair market value for your metal.

The metal recycling process changes slightly based on the type of material received, but the core of the process is consistent. When the material arrives at our facility, each container is weighed. Solid materials are then sorted and powders, sludges and turnings samples are taken to ensure an accurate evaluation.

Once we’ve accurately evaluated the material, it is shipped by our in-house logistics team to one of the hundreds of consumers worldwide.

That’s why we’re called Globe Metal®.


Declaration Of Destruction

Globe Metal® has experience with many regulated industries that require documentation to show that the material we receive is mutilated and recycled.

Upon request, we’ll provide photographs that verify our process. In addition, we’re able to keep material segregated and offer a full report on the destruction process. This is a daily service we perform for many of North America’s most respected companies.

Certificate Of Recycling

As requested by many companies and different levels of government, Globe Metal® can provide a certificate of recycling testifying that material was recycled in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

Ask us about these services when you call to have us evaluate your metal scrap, metal waste and recyclable metal materials.


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