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Our History

From humble beginnings, Globe Metal® has grown to become one of the leaders in the recycling of industrially generated metallic wastes. 

The company was founded by Jeff Solomon when he bought a small pickup truck and started scavenging any type of scrap metal he could find.

Modest Beginnings

After a little while, he figured out that it was better to have regular customers instead of scavenging, prompting the beginning of Globe Metal®’s extensive base of industrial accounts. From the pickup truck, Jeff graduated to a five tonne dump truck and from there he bought his first roll-off type container truck. The industrial scrap business began to flourish.

The 90s bring change

In the late 1990’s, the company sensed that a paradigm shift in manufacturing in North America was coming. Many fabricators, machine shops and stamping shops were moving offshore to take advantage of cheaper labour rates, while at the same time advances in manufacturing were contributing to lower scrap rates, meaning less weight per load.

The answer was to find a niche market that would allow Globe Metal® to continue growing and expand into materials that no other scrap companies were trading. The result? Globe Metal® moved into powders, sludge, slag and many other by-products that were traditionally destined for landfills, helping to divert these waste streams from the dump to companies looking for these valuable metal units. For the companies who sold us these forms, they turned what was an expense into a profit centre, having gone from paying companies to dump waste to getting paid to recycle it.

Today and into the future

Today, Globe Metal® continues to provide scrap metal removal services, while evolving into an environmental services company whose goal is to divert any type of metal bearing wastes into viable, valuable products.

And that’s our vision for the future, turning Globe Metal® into the world leader in industrial waste recovery.


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