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Zirconium and Zirconium Alloy Scrap Recycling

What is Zirconium?

Zirconium is mainly used as a refractory and opacifier, although because of its high resistance to corrosion,  small amounts are used as an alloying agent. Zirconium is very hard and is corrosion resistant.

Zirconium alloys are solid solutions of zirconium or other metals, often used in nuclear technology. 

Forms of Zirconium and Zirconium Alloys

  • Zirconium 702
  • Zirconium 705
  • Zirconium CP
  • Zirconium Tubes
  • Zirconium Sheets
  • Zirconium Chips
  • Zirconium Turnings
  • Zirconium Swarf
  • Zirconium Powder
  • Zirconium Revert

Who Sells Zirconium and Zirconium Alloy Scrap to Globe Metal?

Globe Metal purchases Zirconium and Zirconium Alloy Scrap from industries globally, including the nuclear industry from the production of reactors.


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    About Precious Metals


    Gold (Au) is a precious metal golden and yellow in colour highly prized for its rarity and various special properties. It is a dense metal with great heat and electrical conductibility, also a highly malleable and ductile yet non-reactive metal that does not tarnish or rust. It is also commonly alloyed with other metals (e.g., copper, silver, nickel, palladium, zinc, etc.) to achieve other attributes.

    Gold is well-known for its use in jewelry, coinage, and bullion. Meanwhile, it is also important in different industrial applications. Gold is highly dependable and durable as a conductor and connector with excellent resistance to corrosion, pollution, high temperature and humidity. Gold-plated connections can be commonly found in electronic devices like cell phones, computers and laptops, calculators, global positioning system (GPS) units, medical devices, etc.

    Gold is coated on to different materials across industries. In the aerospace and defense industries, gold connections in space vehicles provide stable and durable performance under extreme conditions and gold-coated polyester film is commonly applied to protect space vehicles from infrared radiation. A thin film of gold can also be found on the astronaut’s space suit helmet to protect the astronaut. Similarly, for specialty glasses for climate-controlled buildings, gold is dispersed within the glass or coated on the surface to reflect solar radiation.


    Silver (Ag) is a rare and valuable precious metal. Besides its use in jewelry and coins, silver is used in a wide range of industrial applications by virtue of its unique properties: good corrosion and oxidation resistance, best thermal and electrical conductibility, high malleability and ductility, antimicrobial and non-toxic qualities, high luster and reflectivity, and great photosensitivity.

    Some of the common industrial uses of silver:

    • In Electronics: electrical contacts (electrical switches), silver electrodes in LEDs, silver-zinc batteries in computers and electric cars, etc.
    • In Energy: photovoltaic cells in solar panels; control rods in nuclear reactors
    • In Brazing and Soldering: joints between metal pipes (e.g., water pipes)
    • In Chemical Production: a vital catalyst in the production of two major industrial chemicals: ethylene oxide and formaldehyde
    • In Photography: silver halide in non-digital consumer photography, film, and X-rays
    • In Medicine: silver coating for medical devices, silver in bandages and dressings, eye drops, and dental hygiene to prevent infection, etc.
    • In Mirrors and Glass: silver coating on mirrors and modern building windows, and silver-coated tiles on space craft
    • In Engines: silver-coated ball bearings
    • In hygiene: nano-silver as an antibacterial and antifungal agent in water filters, cosmetics, food containers, etc.

    Platinum and Platinum Group Metals

    Platinum (Pt) is a naturally occurring white precious metal, which has always been regarded as one of the most precious metals. Platinum (density: 21.43g/cm3, melting point: 1773°C) is more dense and has a higher melting point than gold, but the output is only 1/20 of that of gold. It is a precious metal with better chemical stability, rarer, more precious, and more valuable than gold. Platinum belongs to the platinum group along with other five rare metals: ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (Rh), palladium (Pd), osmium (Os), and iridium (Ir).

    The platinum metals have very distinctive properties: high chemical resistance, high mechanical strength and harness, stable electrical properties, excellent high-temperature characteristics, high corrosion resistance and good ductility. These physical and chemical properties make them suitable for demanding applications: chemical catalyst in industrial processes and in vehicle exhaust system; glass fibre and high purity glass industries (e.g., LCD); anticancer drugs, dental fillings, laboratory equipment and surgical instruments; electrical contacts (computer hard disks and thermocouples) in electronics; turbine blades in the aerospace industry.

    List of Precious Metals Scrap Globe Metal® Recycles:

    • Advanced laboratory testing equipment
    • Alloy wire scrap
    • Anodes
    • Catalytic converters
    • Cell phones boards
    • Chemical catalysts
    • CPU’s
    • Dental fillings
    • Electrical contacts
    • Electronic boards
    • Electronic rejects/obsolete electronic scrap
    • Gold pastes
    • Gold plated connectors
    • Gold plated contacts
    • Gold plated wires
    • Gold plating
    • Gold powders
    • Gold shielding
    • Gold sludges
    • Gold-plated scrap
    • Industrial silver bearing material
    • Industrial X-Ray Film
    • Integrated circuits
    • Jet engines
    • Jewelers sweeps and jewelers polishings
    • Laboratory instruments and crucibles
    • Metallic replacement cartridge sludge
    • Mining Concentrates & Ores
    • Off-spec and EOL products
    • Osmium-iridium alloy waste
    • Palladium catalyst (automotive, industrial, petroleum refining and palladium foil catalysts)
    • Photographic silver scrap
    • Pins
    • Platinum pastes
    • Platinum powders
    • Platinum sludges
    • Platinum sputtering targets
    • Platinum targets
    • Platinum Wire
    • Platinum-coated ceramic honeycomb
    • Platinum/rhodium sensors
    • Platinum, palladium, rhodium ternary alloy catalyst oxidation furnace ash
    • Precious metal bearing filters
    • Precious metal bearing solutions
    • Precious metals residues
    • Printed circuit boards
    • Production equipment for fiberglass and glass fibers
    • Rhenium catalysts
    • Ruthenium targets
    • Ruthenium in grinding waste
    • Sensors and thermocouples that are used in nuclear reactors
    • Silver ashes
    • Silver bars
    • Silver brazing rod scrap
    • Silver concentrates
    • Silver contacts
    • Silver dust
    • Silver electrodes
    • Silver end pieces and melted bits
    • Silver filings
    • Silver filter cakes
    • Silver flake
    • Silver industrial scrap
    • Silver ingots
    • Silver medallions
    • Silver oxide batteries
    • Silver pastes
    • Silver plated items
    • Silver plating waste
    • Silver rounds
    • Silver rejects
    • Silver shot
    • Silver sludge
    • Silver sludges
    • Silver solder
    • Silver solutions
    • Silver wire
    • Silver-zinc batteries
    • Solar panels
    • Spent activated carbon-supported palladium
    • Spent gold targets
    • Spent platinum and rhenium catalysts
    • Spent silver catalyst
    • Spent silver photographic processing solutions
    • Stirrers and nozzles for the glass industry
    • Stirrers and nozzles for the glass industry
    • Thermocouple Wire
    • Turbine blades
    • Waste refractory bricks and glass slag
    • X-ray film

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