Titanium Scrap Recycling:
It’s in our DNA

Turn to Globe Metal® for all your titanium recycling needs and general information. Titanium processing and recycling uses less energy than sourcing and producing components from raw materials, which saves money and creates less pollution. Recycled titanium is not as valuable as copper, but it is more valuable than stainless steel and other ferrous metals. Globe Metal® is one of the only companies in North America that is capable of recycling and handling scrap titanium powder, which makes us the perfect partner for those looking to buy or sell this metal.

What is Titanium?

Titanium is as strong as steel but much less dense. It is therefore important as an alloying agent with many metals including aluminum, molybdenum, and iron. These alloys are mainly used in aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles because of their low density and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. They are also used in golf clubs, laptops, bicycles, and crutches. Titanium offers resistance to corrosion, and it connects well with bones, which make it valuable in surgical applications.

Forms of Titanium that Globe Metal® Can Recycle

  • Alloyed titanium or unalloyed titanium: including chip, powder, and solid forms.
  • Scrap titanium powder: typically generated as a by-product from additive manufacturing.

Who Sells Recycled Titanium To Globe Metal®?

Globe Metal® can buy all types of scrap for titanium processing, either alloyed or unalloyed in chip, powder, and solid forms. We buy titanium materials from a wide range of industries, including aerospace, medical and automotive sectors.

Who Buys Recycled Titanium From Globe Metal®?

Many different types of manufacturers buy the raw material we produce from our titanium recycling process, including those in the fields of aerospace, sporting goods, computer and high-tech, medical supply, power plants, nautical materials, paints, plastics, enamels, and paper. Our process has reliably produced a continuous stream of raw materials on which our customers around the globe have come to rely.

Please note we only accept a minimum weight of 1500 pounds for this material.


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    At Globe Metal®, we break down our customer experience into three simple steps: 1) You call for an estimate. 2) We arrange pickup of your material. 3) We send you a check after recycling your materials.

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    Globe Metal® will provide you with new U.N. rated drums to store your spent catalyst; our waste management materials meet all regulatory specifications. We’ll also send you certificates of responsible recycling for government agencies.

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