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Cobalt Scrap Recycling:
A Leader in Cobalt Buying and Selling

We recycle and reclaim all forms of pure cobalt and cobalt containing scrap—powder, residues, solids, turnings, alloyed scrap, catalysts, filter cake, based alloys, sludge, overspray, refinery and mining byproducts, furnace scrap, flue dusts, pond tailings, leach residue and battery scrap.

What is Cobalt?

Cobalt is a chemical element with symbol Co and atomic number 27. Like nickel, cobalt is found in the Earth’s crust only in chemically combined form, save for small deposits found in alloys of natural meteoric iron. The free element, produced by reductive smelting, is a hard, lustrous, silver-gray metal. Cobalt, like iron, can be magnetized and so is used to make magnets. It is alloyed with aluminum and nickel to make particularly powerful magnets. Other alloys of cobalt are used in jet turbines and gas turbine generators, where high-temperature strength is important.

Forms of Cobalt that Globe Metal® Can Recycle

  • All forms of pure cobalt
  • Cobalt that contains scrap:
    • Cobalt Powder
    • Cobalt Residues
    • Cobalt Solids
    • Cobalt Turnings
    • Cobalt Alloyed scrap
    • Cobalt Catalysts
    • Cobalt Filter cake
    • Cobalt-based Alloys
    • Cobalt Sludge
    • Cobalt Overspray
    • Cobalt Refinery and mining byproducts
    • Cobalt Furnace scrap
    • Cobalt Flue dust
    • Cobalt Pond tailings
    • Cobalt Leach residue
    • Cobalt Battery scrap
    • Cobalt Revert

What are Cobalt Alloys?

Cobalt-based alloys and superalloys generally have a base combination of cobalt-chromium, with chromium acting as a strengthening alloy. Adding tungsten and/or molybdenum can strengthen the alloys even more.

In addition to their strength, cobalt-based alloys are corrosion, wear, and heat resistant, making them popular for use in a number of industries and in challenging applications, like gas turbines. 

Who Sells Cobalt Scrap to Globe Metal®?

Globe Metal®’s cobalt recycling process uses material from various international industrial companies, who provide a diverse assortment of recyclable cobalt materials. Using these, we employ a detailed and quality-oriented recycling program that efficiently recovers the raw cobalt material.

Who Buys Recycled Cobalt from Globe Metal®?

Through our cobalt recycling process, Globe Metal® has become a trusted international cobalt supplier for manufacturers across a variety of fields. Our high-quality, production-ready materials are routinely utilized by the aerospace industry, electrical industry, and magnet manufacturers, to name just a few. After more than forty years as a cobalt supplier, we have established ourselves as an authority in the industry, supplying expert knowledge and comprehensive customer service before, during, and after every sale.

Globe Metal® is a ISO certified metal recycler and a proud member of Minor Metals Trade Association.

Cobalt Alloys

MP 35 N
Alloy 159
HS 188
Stellite 6B
Stellite 12
Stellite 25
Haynes 6
Haynes 1
Haynes 25
FSX 414
Alloy 1
Alloy 6
Alloy 12
Alloy 188
Alloy 25


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    At Globe Metal®, we break down our customer experience into three simple steps: 1) You call for an estimate. 2) We arrange pickup of your material. 3) We send you a check after recycling your materials.

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    Based in Montreal, we are among the worldwide leaders in recycling in Canada and around the world, representing a large market share for metals across the U.S. We also have a significant buyer and seller base worldwide. Schedule a shipment.

    We’ll Help You Manage Your Materials

    Globe Metal® will provide you with new U.N. rated drums to store your spent catalyst; our waste management materials meet all regulatory specifications. We’ll also send you certificates of responsible recycling for government agencies.