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Servicing North America and around the world, Globe Metal® is a worldwide leader in industrial metal recycling.

We specialize in buying and supplying metals used in industrial manufacturing processes such as antimony, beryllium & beryllium alloys, bismuth, cadmium, cobalt, copper, gallium, hafnium & hafnium alloys, hastelloy scrap , haynes scrap, high-speed tool (HSS), indium lead, molybdenum (moly), monel scrap, nickel, niobium & niobium alloys, precious metals, rare earth metals, rene scrap, tantalum, tantalum & tantalum alloys, tellurium, tin, titanium, tungsten, waspaloy scrap, zinc, zirconium, and zirconium alloys.

We deal with several forms of metal too, including overspray powder recycling, metal powder and sludges, spent catalyst recycling, metal containing waste streams, and mining equipment recycling.

Some would say that we provide the best recycling solutions for all types of industrial metals.

The Globe Metal® team is professional and experienced, and serves various industries, including Aerospace Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), Mining, Machine Shops, Environmental, and many others.

40 Years Of Extracting Value For Businesses

For over 40 years, Globe Metal® has been extracting new value for its business partners. Whether buying or reselling metal, we’ve met the challenges of the industry through innovative recovery techniques, commitment to customer relations and an experienced staff.

Founded in 1975, Globe Metal® is now a global metal recycling business. We help our customers save money and build alternate revenue streams from their scrap through competitive pricing, direct access to the metals marketplace, and consultations on how to handle scrap metal in the most economical and environmentally friendly ways possible.

Certified And Environmentally Responsible

Globe metal® is ISO-certified. Our modern and fully paved plant in Montreal enables us to process scrap metal in line with the highest standards. Hazmat-compliant in every state in the United States, we pay the utmost care to the environment while offering the best price for the scrap metal.


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