Globe Metal® is proud to announce we have recently been registered in the Government of Canada Controlled Goods Program, allowing us to continue to expand our services to manufacturing clients around the globe.

What is the Controlled Goods Program?

The Controlled Goods Program is a Government of Canada program that allows organizations to examine, possess, or transfer controlled goods. This includes components and technical data that has military or national security significance.

In order to successfully register in The Controlled Goods Program, organizations must comply with all of the requirements in the Defense Production Act. Designated Officials at the approved organizations must complete a security assessment and then the Designated Official Certification Program (DOCP).

The training provides information about:

  • the Controlled Goods Program
  • legal requirements of the program
  • roles and responsibilities of the designated official
  • registration exemptions
  • how to conduct a security assessment

Once the participant has completed the training, they must schedule and complete an email-based certification exam.

What does this mean for Globe Metal® and our clients?

Globe Metal® is proud to have been registered in the program and have employees who have completed the required training to become certified Designated Officials, allowing us to safely and securely provide this service to our clients.

When military and defense manufacturers receive parts, they need to be destroyed properly (the parts cannot be resold because they fall under the above-mentioned controlled goods list.

Globe Metal® is now registered to be able to receive those goods and destroy them properly on their behalf. Once goods are received and properly destroyed, Globe Metal provides our clients with a certificate of destruction and any additional paperwork required by law to show the goods have been properly taken care of.

If you have Controlled Goods or other metals you need taken care of, send us a message today – our experts are always ready to help.