In today’s difficult business environment we are all looking to reduce costs and make ourselves more efficient.

One of the ways to reduce these costs is to recycle materials that would normally go to a landfill. Bag house filters are an item that can be expensive to dispose of due to the chemistries of some of the metals contained within.

There is good news concerning these filters. Technology exists to not only extract the metals from the filters but also allows for the filter to be reused in three more filtering cycles.

This non-destructive method is not only environmentally friendly but allows the owner of the filter to substantially reduce disposal costs as well as filter replacement costs. In some cases the owner of may even receive remuneration for the metals contained within.

The filter can be returned to 97% of the original OEM specification!

We have been recycling filters for years and have found it to be not only economical but we find it extremely gratifying to be contributing to the environmental health of the planet.

Jeff Solomon
CEO Globe Metal Recycling Services Inc