Globe Metal Celebrates Earth Day — And Is Glad To Be Doing Its Part

earth day - Globe Metal Recycling

We need four planets. At least according to the Global Footprint Network. You see, that’s what we would need if the world’s population consumed resources like Kuwait, Australia, the United Emirates, Qatar, and the United States. In addition, a recent report by CNN states that some of the leading causes of climate change are electricity and heat production, transportation, manufacturing and construction. This is why we take Earth Day seriously.

Recycling is key

Recycling industrial metals provides significant environmental benefits. This ranges from energy conservation, natural resource conservation, and reduced carbon footprints. At Globe Metal, we are passionate about what we are accomplishing and feel good about making a difference. In the last decade alone, we have recycled over 289 million pounds of metal. In business for over 40 years, we do our part to play a leadership role in the environmental and economic sustainability of our planet.

At Globe Metal, We Live Every Day Like It Is Earth Day

Today, Earth Day is the largest secular observance in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people. The beautiful thing about Globe Metal is that we live every day like it was Earth Day! Globe Metal helps companies all over the world turn their metal waste into secondary resources, which in turn benefits the planet and helps to grow a global circular economy.

Numerous industrial and manufacturing plants produce many products using rare materials. If you have any metal waste by-products, we’ll be glad to help you to recycle your industrial scrap metal waste and improve your bottom line.

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