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Every day, we help environmentally-minded companies keep metals out of landfills so these materials can find new life in new production processes. Cobalt is one of these metals, which is great because as businesses continue to become more aware of the economic and environmental benefits associated with recycling cobalt and other metals, the critical role of supply from secondary sources becomes more evident.

That’s where Globe Metal comes in.

Cobalt is fundamental to so many industries, as it enables technological developments and contributes to a low C02 future. Using secondary source recycled metal over primary sources also helps your bottom line. And isn’t that the bottom line for so many businesses?

As the benefits of recycling Cobalt are becoming increasingly important for society and industries, let’s look at them in more detail.

1. Global Demand For Cobalt Merits A Strong Secondary Market

Cobalt is used in all kinds of industries, from the manufacturing of ceramics to the making of alloys for magnetic and stainless steels in the automotive and aeronautical industries.  And demand is growing. The electric vehicle sector, for one, needs cobalt for its batteries and chargers. With the demand for cobalt increasing, there are supply chain issues in these industries. Approximately 50% of world cobalt reserves are in The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With the concentration of cobalt sourced from this politically sensitive country, there is a growing concern that world supplies will not be met. Finding new sources of cobalt, particularly regarding secondary sources, will be a game-changer for most metal markets.

2. Cobalt Is Infinitely Recyclable

When non-ferrous metals like Cobalt go through the recycling process, their structural integrity does not degrade. It stays the same and, as a result, can be recycled an infinite number of times. Scrap metal is considered to be a “continuous resource,” as it can be re-melted and contribute to making new products over and over again. Consider cobalt to be a resource that can never run out.

3. Energy Efficiency Is Cobalt’s Calling

Even within just one barrel of scrap cobalt, a significant amount of energy can be conserved. Recycling cobalt saves energy that otherwise gets consumed when drilling for ore, refining and other processes in the manufacturing cycle.

4. The Economy Benefits When Cobalt Is Recycled

Studies across Europe, the U.S. and Canada all show the same results: the recycling industry generates jobs and enhances the economy.  The Canadian Association Of Recycling Industries (CARI) published an informal survey stating that the industry directly employs 34,000+ people, and 85,000+ people indirectly. Recycled materials reduce production costs and allow manufacturing companies to be more competitive. The metal recycling industry is a force for innovation, driving new technologies and products.

5. Sustainability and the Environment

By definition, metal recycling is sustainable to the economy and the environment. Recycled cobalt and other metals use significantly less energy, reduce greenhouse gases, maximize the use of natural resources, and diverts metal materials from landfills.

At Globe Metal, we recycle all forms of Cobalt. Give our expert staff a call, and find out how your business can benefit in sustainable and economical ways by recovering your metal waste.