Low-Cost Hazardous Recycling

Companies generating secondary metals and metal by-products (metal powders, dusts, dross, grindings, swarf, sludges, slags) classified as hazardous wastes are incurring enormous disposal costs through traditional landfilling. To help companies cut on disposal costs, Globe Metal® provides much more affordable hazardous metal wastes recycling and disposal solutions. We handle mixed materials in compliance with all required permits and provide documentation and proof of recycling and destruction to help companies avoid costly fines and investigations that could potentially interfere with productivity.

Globe Metal® is a proud member of Minor Metals Trade Association and Mining Suppliers Trade Association Canada.

Definition of Hazardous Metal Wastes

Hazardous wastes pose potential harmful effects to humans and the environment. Flammable, poisonous, oxidizing, corrosive, and toxic are common hazardous characteristics. Hazardous metal wastes include wastes that contain hazardous substances/heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium, barium, copper, lead, nickel, zinc, etc.), metal sludge, dusts, fine powders with a diameter of less than 100 microns, semi-solids and liquid solutions.

Affordable Green Solutions to Hazardous Waste Problems
(A Low-Cost Alternative to Landfilling)

Hazardous wastes could not be disposed of in the trash. Hence, many companies send their hazardous metal wastes to landfill, which incurs huge costs. Now it’s time to think differently, especially with landfill-dumping costs increasing every year.

Recycle and dispose of your hazardous metal wastes with Globe Metal® only costs you a fraction of landfilling cost while allowing you to contribute to the circular economy and environmental sustainability. The goal at Globe Metal® is to find the best recycling options for our customers to minimize waste, improve sustainability and reduce costs. Our hazardous waste experts work with our global network to provide safe, effective and cost-efficient hazardous waste removal, transportation, recycling and disposal solutions. We are experienced in helping customers recycling hazardous materials from different manufacturing processes, be it mixed metal powders, dusts, dross, grindings, swarf, sludges, slags, etc.

See how we’ve helped our customers:

Case 1: an aerospace company, accumulated a full warehouse of mixed cobalt, nickel, aluminum and molybdenum powders and was facing enormous disposal costs and potential safety hazard. After carefully assessing the situation and testing samples, Globe Metal® provided a complete solution for the company: from metal testing and analysis, to safe handling and transporting of powders, to metal reclamation, recycling and disposal. The whole process was validated by third party regulators and the company received a certificate of recycling. It was a simple yet rewarding solution for the company: they avoided disposal costs and received value on metals reclaimed.

Case 2: a medical additive manufacturing company, was producing stainless steel and aluminum waste powders that had very expensive landfill costs even though the volumes were low. They were turned away by other recycling companies because the quantity was too small, or those companies were not capable of handling fine powders. Compared to environmental companies, Globe Metal® only charged the company a small portion of recycling fee and shipping fee. Our customer was happy to avoid the expensive disposal costs and receive a certificate of recycling. We have established a long-term partnership to recycle their powders to ensure they are adhering to waste regulations and minimizing costs.

Globe Metal® is here to help you find the optimum recycling and disposal solutions for your hazardous metal wastes regardless of quantity. Even with small volumes of hazardous metal wastes, we will help you find a way to save on disposal costs. No project is too big, and no volume is too small. Your need is always our priority.

Advantages Recycling/Disposing of Hazardous Metal Waste with Globe Metal®

To recycle hazardous metal wastes, it is critical to choose a responsible recycler that is competent in handling hazardous secondary materials and conducting legitimate recycling, as improper storage and transportation of hazmat might cause spills, leaks, fires, and environmental contaminations.

Globe Metal® is a certified metal recycler with an established global network. Our team works with a wide range of industries with different metal waste streams knowledge. Our recycling experts and logistic team are familiar with different hazmat regulations and we are in compliance with all required permits to safely handle and transport hazardous materials.

Disposing of your hazardous metal wastes with Globe Metal® is a simple one-stop metal recycling solution. Our services include waste audit, metal testing and analysis, logistics, metal reclamation, recycling, disposal, and suggestions for on-site waste handling and management.

Hazardous waste recycling, reclamation, and disposal through Globe Metal® can both provide environmental benefits and improve your company’s bottom line. Recycling hazardous metal wastes can avoid environmental hazards, reduce raw materials consumption and energy use, protect scarce resources, and reduce pollution. While companies save largely on disposal costs, recycling hazardous wastes also helps companies establish positive and green brand reputation which distinguishes themselves from their competitors.

Some of the Industries Globe Metal® Works with

  • Glass Industry
  • Medical equipment manufacturing
  • Metal smelting and refining industries
  • Petroleum refining
  • Production of batteries and dry cells
  • Production of electronic components
  • Surface treatment
  • Thermal treatment

List of Hazardous Metal Wastes Globe Metal® Handles

  • Mixed metallic powders (fine powders, dust, swarf, borings, trimmings, grindings, shavings, sandings)
  • Titanium powder recycling and disposal
  • Nickel powder recycling and disposal
  • Residues created from smelting and refining operations (drosses, slags, and sludges)
  • Liquid wastes consist of metals (spent acids, spent caustics)
  • Liquid metal wastes (liquid mercury)
  • Liquid components of metal-containing waste (spent batteries)
  • Any metal wastes containing copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, antimony, mercury, titanium, tungsten, tin, magnesium, cadmium, selenium, tellurium, gold and silver, platinum, bismuth, cobalt, zirconium, hafnium

Globe Metal® provides free waste audit and hazardous metal waste consulting services. If you need help with or have questions regarding the classification and management of scrap metals from your manufacturing production processes, please contact email more details to sales@globemetal.com or call 1-888-517-6368, and our recycling experts will work with you to customize the optimal options.

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