Globe Metal Recycling investing heavily in their Thermal Spray Recycling Division. Thermal spray waste, is a big issue for the coatings industry. Globe Metal has launched a recycling center for metallic powder from companies such as Sulzer Metco, Praxair, Eutectic, Surface Engineering, Hoganas, Tafa, Stellite, Lineage Alloys, and Woka.

We recycling from all generators such as PTA, Arc Welding, Metallizing, HVOF, Flame Spray, Plasma Spray, Thermal Spray, Welding, and Babbitting. We recycle Nickel based powder, Tungsten Based Powder, Cobalt Based Powder, Tin Based Powder, Molybdenum Based Powder, and any other allowed powder.

When the powders are deposited onto the piece, they have to grind it back down to spec. We also Recycle nickel grinding sludge, nickel grinding swarf, tungsten grinding sludge, and tungsten grinding swarf.

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Globe Metal purchases and provides metal recycling and reclamation services for spent catalysts, metal scrap, residues, sludges and slurries. Spent catalysts, residues and sludges may contain one or more metals or metal compounds: cobalt (Co), copper (Cu), chromium (Cr), gallium (Ga), gold (Au), iridium (Ir), molybdenum (Mo), nickel (Ni), niobium (Nb), palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt), selenium (Se), tellurium (Te), Titanium (Ti), tungsten (W), rhenium (Re), rhodium (Rh) and others.

For recycling solutions or to sell your spent, waste, scrap, residual, or off-spec material containing metals or metal compounds, please send us an email at or reach out to us at 1-800-700-6382.

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