Worldwide Leaders in Metal Recovery and Metal Recycling.

Worldwide Leaders in Thermal Spray Recycling

We Recycle

  • Thermal spray waste from dust collectors, filters, grindings, floor sweeps, virgin powder, overspray, grinding sludge, thermal spray chips, thermal spray masking tape, dust, grit and chunks.
  • Overspray from high velocity oxygen (HVOF) dust, twin arc, flame spray, metalizing, spray wire, plasma spray, laser cladding, hard facing, welding, Babbitt spray, cold spraying, plasma transferred arc and the detonation gun process.
  • Most types of metal powder scrap from companies such as Suzler, Eutectic, Praxair Tafa, Deloro Stellite, Surface Engineering, Wall Colmonoy, Powder Alloy Corporation, Hardface Alloys, Miller, Saint-Gobain, Rokide and Hoganas.

We Recover

Valuable metals contained in thermal spray waste including alloys based on nickel (Ni), tungsten carbide (Wc), cobalt (Co), tin (Sn) and molybdenum (Mo).

We Care

Manage your thermal spray waste in an eco-friendly way.

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5 Reasons We’re Leaders in Thermal Spray Recycling

Globe Metal offers full “cradle-to-grave” service, meaning we handle the entire thermal spray recycling process for our customers.

We’ll consult you.

Globe Metal has an in-house environmental consulting team who can guide you on custom solutions for managing your thermal spray waste.

We’ll help you manage your materials.

Globe Metal will provide you with new drums to store your thermal spray waste; our waste management materials meet regulatory specifications. We’ll also send you certificates of responsible recycling for government agencies.

We’ll give you the best price.

Because we’re passionate about helping customers earn revenue from their metallic waste, we’ll pay you top dollar for what you send. No need to keep shopping around. Request an estimate for thermal spray recycling.

We’ll send you an accurate assessment.

Our company is a global expert in thermal spray recycling. We’ll analyze your thermal spray sample to determine the metals and alloys contained in your spray then give you the best price on the market.

We’ll organize the shipping details and paperwork.

Easy transportation is part of the Globe Metal trademark. We’ll arrange pick-up of your material and ship it to our facility according to international standards and regulations. You don’t have to worry about hauling it away.