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Need to recycle your cobalt scrap?

We recycle and reclaim all forms of cobalt scrap

Powder, residues, solids, turnings, alloyed scrap, catalysts, filter cake, based alloys, sludge, overspray, refinery and mining byproducts, furnace scrap, flue dusts, pond tailings, leach residue and battery scrap.

Stellite Scrap Recycling

Globe Metal also specializes in processing, refining and recycling stellite scrap, which we buy in any form—stellite turnings, solid scrap, grindings, powder scrap, chips, residue, overspray, filter cake and sludge.

Cobalt Nickel Alloy Scrap Recycling

Globe Metal is the largest recycler of cobalt nickel scrap in Canada, processing cobalt nickel scrap from all over the world. Working directly with nickel cobalt smelters, our unique recycling process allows us to recover value for both the nickel and the cobalt units contained.

We buy and process nickel cobalt scrap in all forms: nickel cobalt waste, turnings, filter cake from platting operations, waste from thermal spray, grindings, sludge, catalysts and any alloy scrap.

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What makes us leaders in cobalt scrap recycling?

We save your time

Rather than sell your cobalt to a dealer who will then sell it to us to recycle, send your cobalt scrap directly to Globe Metal. We’ll pay you quickly to help you get back to business at hand. Get an estimate.

We pay top dollar.

At Globe Metal, we want our customers to build successful revenue streams using their metals waste. That’s why we offer the best scrap metal prices for cobalt. Our 3-step process means all you have to do is: 1) Request an estimate; 2) Let us schedule the shipment; 3) Wait for payment, which we’ll issue after recycling your cobalt. Sell your cobalt scrap to us.

Transportation is easy

We will organize the entire shipping process for you, regardless of where you are in the world. We’ll arrange the pickup, send a truck to collect the scrap and arrange for handling and transport even you’re overseas. Request a shipment.

We do things the right way.

We’re passionate about environmental protection. Our cobalt recycling process includes proper disposal of any hazardous by products. Help us help the environment.