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Globe Metal® is a trusted supplier through the supply chain, having built its reputation over 40 years while servicing manufacturers in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, electronics, original equipment, special stainless steel alloys, and foundry industries. Our team has some of the most specialized knowledge in the industry and we guarantee the supply of low cost, superior quality minor and primary metals, ferroalloys, high temperature alloys and specialty steels to the value chain both domestically and abroad.

Our efficient methods of recycling raw materials ensure the highest grade of metal sold, providing substantial benefits to the whole supply chain from producers to end-users. We provide consistent reliable deliveries on a daily basis from our large range of materials in stock. With our principal material stock warehouse of 88,000 sq. ft. located in Montreal, Quebec, as well as, other public-warehousing facilities in the South Western and North Eastern parts of the United States, we are able to provide a secure source of material supply to both domestic and international markets.

Our logistics teams ensure that all goods arrive on schedule by arranging transport routes and providing the necessary documentation. Every aspect of a transaction is carried out in an efficient and timely manner.

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    Product Description Type Form Purity, min
    Molybdenum Pure Virgin Bar 99.00%
    Revert targets 99.90%
    plate 99.80%
    sheet 99.50%
    crucible 99.50%
    electrodes 99.00%
    turnings 99.00%
    wire 98.00%
    MoNb 90/10 Revert targets
    Tungsten Pure Virgin bar 99.00%
    Revert plate 99.80%
    sheet 99.50%
    crucible 99.80%
    wire 99.80%
    Niobium Pure Virgin bar 99.00%
    Revert targets 99.90%
    Inco 718 Alloy Revert turnings
    Inco 625 Alloy Revert turnings
    Titanium Ti 6-4 virgin powder
    revert bulk weldable
    Ti CP virgin powder
    sponge fines
    revert stampings
    sponge fines
    Ferro grades revert turnings, powders
    Tantalum Pure virgin bar, wire, ingot 99.00%
    revert targets 99.99%
    sheet 99.95%
    wire 99.90%
    anodes, capacitors various
    Nickel Niobium 65% Nb
    Ferrotungsten 75% Virgin lump 99.00%
    Ferromolybdenum 65% Virgin lump 99.00%
    Ferrovanadium 80% Virgin lump 99.00%
    Ferroniobium 65% Virgin lump 99.00%
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