Nickel Catalyst Recycling

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Globe Metal Recycling works with cutting edge technology to extract Nickel from many different waste streams. We are currently involved in spent nickel catalyst recycling. We work with a process to recover the left over nickel residue. We can recover nickel from nickel powder, nickel sludge, nickel fines, nickel shavings, nickel grindings, nickel grinding sludge, nickel dust, low bearing nickel waste, nickel byproduct or high bearing nickel waste. There are several process we work with for recycling, we are either doing nickel melting, or nickel refining, depending on the amount of nickel to recycle. Nickel catalyst disposal is a now a thing of the past, we have the technology to extract the valuable metal, and dispose of the rest in an environmentally safe way. Please call or e-mail us now for more information.

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