Meet Francis Montreuil, Globe Metal’s Warehouse & Shipping Manager.

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Francis Is A Man Who Likes A Challenge

When Francis Montreuil worked as the plant manager for Del Metals in Lachine, he realized that he could be happier. Reducing his commute would help, but so would working for a growing, open-minded company built on a solid foundation. While searching on LinkedIn for a managerial position, he came across Globe Metal. He decided to check out the company and quickly realized this opportunity had the potential to benefit both parties. One thing led to another and Francis received a call from Jeff Solomon, our President.

“Jeff was looking for a warehouse manager to make changes and needed someone with experience,” said Montreuil. Francis fit the bill. With over 20 years of experience in many senior managerial positions, he brings a wealth of experience, managerial knowledge and leadership skills to the table.


Francis works with Stéphane Huard, our plant manager. Between the two of them, they handle the team on the warehouse floor. “Stéphane knows a lot about the business on the steel industry side, and he teaches me a lot. On my side, I help him with the management side of things, and together we make a good team,” says Montreuil.

Francis recognized very quickly that the flow of materials in the warehouse needed to be improved. The first big challenge was to transfer the metal inventory from one software to another. Doing so entailed creating a full list and relabeling all the metal materials inside and outside of the warehouse.

“When I came in, most of the tasks were being generated between a few employees, which created a huge bottleneck. By creating a flow in the workspace by spreading out tasks equally, we created a positive attitude on the floor between the employees. Today, productivity has reached an all-time high,” says Montreuil. With Francis at the helm, “efficiency of the flow of materials in and out of the warehouse has improved easily by 75%. At one time on our high volume days, we would send out three shipments of 53-foot trucks. Now, the warehouse can regularly send out eight to 10 53-foot truckloads on high volume days.


Why is Francis so successful in his work?

“I believe my background in interpersonal relations, being open-minded and positive in tough situations, helps me get the job done. By allowing for the employees to be a part of the solution in a challenging situation shows them that ideas they bring to the table are important to the success of the company as a whole,” says Montreuil. “Certainly, having a wide range of work experience with different companies and industries helps me to see how different work cultures function. It allows me to pick and chose the best from them all.”

The key strengths that Francis Montreuil brings to his position as Warehouse and Shipping Manager are his positive attitude and trust. Also, “working in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 16 years trained me to be extremely meticulous,” he added.

Having played all kinds of sports since he was four years old – “you name, I played it” – has helped him be a team player in his professional life. “When I see employees having a real challenge, I don’t wait for them to take care of it, I get out on the floor and involve myself with them. I am not a kind of manager who sits behind his desk and gives orders”, says Montreuil.


Francis is happy working knowing that Globe Metal is making a difference. And he knows that Globe Metal is different from the other competitors in the marketplace.

“Many companies function on the principle when the material comes in, it’s sold and goes out ASAP, with no exceptions. We are always thinking outside of the box, and being flexible on the service side,” said Montreuil. “If there is a problem with credit or storage, we always work with the client to get the deal done.”

“We are growing in leaps and bounds, which is a good problem to have,” says Montreuil. That is why Francis has been given the mandate to increase Globe Metal’s storage facilities. The current 10,000 square foot warehouse, along with 370 pallets, doesn’t meet the company’s needs anymore. Changes are needed, and every option is on the table.

What Francis enjoys about working with Globe Metal is when changes need to be made he has carte blanche to make them. “The confidence from upper management is an exceptional experience for me,” says Montreuil.

Francis Montreuil believes the employees always come first, “If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our clients,” says Montreuil.

That is what Francis does every day.

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