Maximize Value: Meet Kevin F. Kirby – VP of Business Development

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As a 40-year veteran of the metal industry, Kevin F. Kirby has held every key position you could think of through the many stops on his resume. From General Manager, Vice-President, Managing Director, Senior VP, International Sales Manager, Senior Trader, and President, Kevin has seen and done it all.

So what lead him to Globe Metal? His extensive contact list and years of industry networking lead Kevin to reach out to our COO, Douglas Veitch. “Doug and I had developed a relationship when I was working as a General Manager for a foundry group, and we were doing processing work for him. So, I called Doug up looking to see if he knew of any opportunities and our conversations worked out great,” says Kirby.

Situated in North Carolina, Kevin works remotely. Since joining Globe Metal in July, he has visited Globe Metal’s office in Montreal several times already. “The business that we do is so physical – the understanding of the forms, shapes, sizes and quality of materials that we buy and sell. It’s critical to get up to Montreal regularly” says Kirby.

Responsible for maximizing value for Globe Metal’s specialties.

Kevin’s primary role is to maximize value of the company’s specialties, whether consumer- or product-based. What excites Kevin the most is the wide range of products that we handle, as Kevin views business development as the creation of long-term value for the company from customers, markets and relationships. “Specifically, the sales account managers have gravitated towards specialties whether its consumer-based or product-based, but my main role is to maximize value for what every one of those businesses can represent. I am eager and motivated to see what we can do. Between my experience and Jeff’s, for example, we can take it to a much deeper and integrated level than some of the fellows that are just starting.”

One of the key strengths that Kevin brings to the table is, being in the business as long as he has, his understanding of how prices relate to the current market. “After being in the market for a while, you get a feel for where prices are going to move and what prices are valid,” says Kirby.

For Kirby, everything comes down to revenue, but he believes his most significant contribution more than anything will be to help the sales team maximize the return on the commodities that they’re currently buying and then develop new markets with his network and contacts in the industry. The company is looking to build and create unique metal products. Since Globe Metal is involved in an extensive range of products, “I think the real key is to drill down and establish which of those commodities that they want to integrate into a downstream product,” says Kirby. His goal is to assist and get the most out of the time and effort put in.

Latest industry trends…

What does Kevin see as the latest trends in the industry? Well, for him, “It’s all about innovating or you die,” says Kirby. “One of the things that really impresses me about Globe Metal is that they have been around for 40 years with a good business built, but they are not resting on their accolades. They continue to evolve, and I think as you evolve, you have to see what else is out there to focus on,” says Kirby.

For Kevin, innovation means not just finding new areas to focus on, but finding new accounts, and how you approach your current accounts to provide unparalleled service. The scrap metal industry is very fragmented and the metal industry has multiple players with multiple contracts. Kevin believes that to compete with other people that are coming into the marketplace or with bigger mergers or consolidations can be threatening.

What it is truly about is understanding the best opportunity out there and then acting on it as quickly as possible and adapting to this as fast as possible.

Finally, Kevin really thinks it is excellent that Globe Metal has really picked up on the social media aspect, as it has really opened up some doors. “Getting the word out and the message is important in this day and age,” says Kirby.


Globe Metal is a proud member of Minor Metals Trade Association and Mining Suppliers Trade Association Canada.

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