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Tungsten Carbide Recycling: 40 Years of Excellence

Get the Best Price for Your Tungsten Carbide

Globe Metal is a worldwide authority on tungsten carbide recycling. When our customers come to us, they know we’ll accurately assess the value of their tungsten carbide scrap and that they will receive the best price for what they sell.

We Recycle All Forms of Tungsten Carbide

  • Drills and inserts. We recycle tungsten carbide drills and inserts of all grades, brazed or clean, in large and small quantities.
  • Sludge or “grinding swarf.” We buy tungsten carbide grinding sludge containing oil and moister from anyone who grinds carbide, tool manufacturers and scrap dealers. Also referred to as “grinding swarf,” carbide sludge usually contains 60-70% tungsten and 10% cobalt. We base our price the amount of tungsten recovery.
  • Scrap powder. This material is typically used in the thermal spray process for hard facing. We buy low-grade carbide powder containing as little as 20% tungsten. We can buy pure tungsten powder or tungsten powder scrap with different alloys and tungsten carbide powder off spec.
  • Spent catalyst. We buy tungsten catalyst waste directly from the end users in the petroleum industry or from scrap metal dealers. We price tungsten catalysts according to the amount of tungsten we recover, typically recovering 12-18% tungsten.
  • Asphalt milling teeth. We recycle milling teeth, also known as “carbide grinding tips,” that are worn all the way down to the steel. We pay based on the amount of tungsten carbide we recover, which enables us to offer higher prices than our competition.
  • Morgan rolls scrap. We offer the most competitive prices for tungsten carbide Morgan rolls scrap to businesses around the world. If your Morgan roll scrap has a nickel or cobalt binder, we can recycle it; the price per pound stays the same. We can also recycle Morgan rolls scrap if they are in the forms of turnings and sludge.
  • Filter scrap. We melt tungsten carbide filters to recover the tungsten carbide inside. We accept carbide cartridge filters filled with wet or dry carbide as well as metal or paper carbide filters, guaranteeing maximum recovery of all tungsten material in the filter media.
  • Tungsten alloys
    • Densalloy solid scrap, turnings and sludge
    • Hevitmet sludge and grindings
    • Mallory alloy scrap, sludge, grindings and turnings

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Why We Rock at Tungsten Carbide Recycling

We offer competitive prices.

Hands down, we’ll give you the best price per pound, so if you’re shopping around, save time and look no further. Globe Metal will pay top dollar for tungsten carbide scrap, sludge, powder, catalysts and milling teeth. Talk to a buyer now.

We’re global.

Based in Montreal, we are the largest metals recycling company in Canada, with a large market share for tungsten scrap in the United States. In our 88,000 square-foot plant, we recycle tungsten alloys from all over the world and we buy tungsten carbide scrap from some of the world’s largest scrap dealers and original equipment manufacturers.

We’ll help you manage your materials.

Globe Metal will provide you with new drums to store your tungsten carbide scrap; our waste management containers meet regulatory specifications. We’ll also send you certificates of responsible recycling for government agencies.

We simplify the shipping process.

At Globe Metal, we break down our customer experience into three simple steps: 1) You call for an estimate. 2) We arrange pickup of your material. 3) We send you a check after recycling your tungsten carbide material. That’s it! It really is that easy. You don’t have to worry about calling around for someone to haul your scrap away and you can feel good about the fact that you received top dollar for it. Plus, you’re disposing of your tungsten carbide in an eco-friendly way.