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Get the Best Price for Molybdenum Scrap Recycling

Located in Montreal, we are the largest Molybdenum scrap recycling company in Canada, having gained a significant portion of the U.S. market share. We offer metals recycling services throughout the world and are leaders in our field.

We Recycle …

Molybdenum solid scrap, plate scrap, skeleton, powder, dust, turnings, chips, filters, pure molybdenum scrap, alloyed molybdenum scrap and spray.

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Why We are great at Molybdenum Scrap Recycling

We know moly like the back of our hands.

Metals recycling is our passion. We have the global metals market down to a science so we can give you an accurate assessment of what your scrap is worth. Get an estimate.

We pay top dollar.

At Globe Metal, we help our customers build successful revenue streams with their metals waste by offering the best price for molybdenum scrap. Our 3-step process means all you have to do is: 1) Request an estimate; 2) Let us schedule the shipment; 3) Receive payment, which we’ll issue after recycling your molybdenum scrap. Sell your molybdenum scrap to us.

We take care of shipping.

We organize the entire shipping process regardless of where you are in the world. We’ll arrange the pickup, send a truck to collect the scrap and arrange for handling and transport even you’re overseas. Request a shipment.

We do things the right way.

We’re passionate about environmental protection. Our molybdenum recycling process includes proper disposal of any hazardous products. Help us help the environment.