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We serve our customers by collecting and processing scrap generated by the manufacturing of metal products , obsolete goods such as appliances and autos and other raw materials and converting them into  reusable commodities. By doing this we are being environmentally responsible and encouraging conservation of our natural resources. Our commercial effectiveness will assure the financial resources to improve our operations and competitive position.

Satisfied customers are the essence of our livelihood and the foundation for our growth. Therefore the efforts of the Company and each employee are continuously directed toward meeting or exceeding each customer’s requirements for product quality, pricing, scheduling, service and personal backup support.

Our success depends on positively motivated, dedicated employees. The Company endeavors to support each with a safe, pleasant, non-discriminatory work environment, secure employment opportunities and equitable compensation.

We look forward to serving you in the near future.

Jeff Solomon CEO

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your help last week getting our surplus HSS tools recycled. It was nice knowing that these tools will be re-used in some form one day. You and your team are total pro’s and a pleasure to do business with.

Kind regards,

Matt Lane

Modern Gearing