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Since 1975 Globe Metal has specialized in Recycling Tungsten Carbide, High Speed Steel, Nickel, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Tantalum, Thermal Spray, Catalysts, Metal Powder and Sludge.

A worldwide leader in metal recycling services, Globe Metal has the experience and technology to recycle and recover metals in any form including solids, turnings, chips, powder, dust, sludge, overspray, catalysts, waste, grindings, filter cake, tailings, flue dust and filters. Globe Metal dominates the world’s recycling market in specialty metals, having served the following industries for almost 40 years:

  • Tool manufacturers
  • Thermal spray
  • Oil and gas
  • Machine shops
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Scrap dealers

We’re ISO-certified with services that make it easy for you to buy, sell, recycle and manage your scrap, including:

  • Transportation. Regardless of where you are in the world, we’ll ship your scrap to our facility whether by truck, ship or rail. No having to worry about how to haul away your scrap or how to send it to us.
  • Management. We’ll provide you with scrap handling equipment, such as bins, drums and scales. All of our materials are of the highest quality, meeting regulatory specifications.
  • Revenue stream. Your metals waste can also be your treasure. We’ll help you to maximize the value of your metallic waste streams by offering you the best price per pound.
  • Personalized service. Because we are family-owned, we have a staff that’s large enough to offer you the most responsive service but small enough to work with you on an individual basis. We’ll give you the time you need and consult you on the most effective way to handle your company’s waste, with solutions that are custom to your needs.
  • Eco-friendly. Thanks to our services, you can rest-assured that you are dealing with your metals waste in an environmentally friendly way. We sell the metals we recover from our recycling process back into the metals market for other uses. We adhere to international rules and regulations, use clean ways of processing our metals and operate out of a fully paved plant to help us work with scrap metal in the most environmentally friendly way.
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