Let Globe Metal be your solution for metal waste recycling

Metal Recycling Services We Offer

There are practically no limits to the metal recycling services Globe Metal provides. Operating out of an 88,000-square foot plant in Montreal, our company employs some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the metals waste recycling and recovery industry.

Thanks to our 40-year history, we stand ready to accurately assess the levels of specific metals in your scrap and offer you the best price. Below is an overview of the metals we recycle. Within each category are lists of specific types of these metals we recycle and manage. Let Globe Metal be your full-scale solution for handling your metals waste and providing your company with another revenue stream.

Tungsten Carbide Scrap Recycling

Since 1975, Globe Metal has recycled tungsten carbide scrap from businesses around the world.

Molybdenum Scrap Recycling

We buy Molybdenum scrap in solids, turnings, powder & sludge form.

Tantalum Scrap Recycling

Based in North America, Globe Metal offers the best price for tantalum scrap to sputtering target manufacturers and bond shops around the globe.

High Speed Tool Steel Recycling

Located in North America, Globe Metal is a worldwide leader in high speed tool steel scrap recycling.

Nickel Scrap Recycling

We work with all the largest secondary smelters and stainless steel foundries to provide them with their raw feedstock.

Cobalt Scrap Recycling

We work hand in hand with cobalt refineries and smelters to recycle much of the cobalt scrap in North America.

Thermal Spray Recycling

Globe Metal is the largest thermal spray recycling company in North America and the largest metal powder recycler in Canada.

Metal Powder & Sludge Recycling

Globe Metal is the largest scrap metal powder and sludge recycler in North America.

Spent Catalyst Recycling

Globe Metal is the largest scrap metal powder and sludge recycler in North America.

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Hi Adam , Thanks for your help last week getting our surplus HSS tools recycled. It was nice knowing that these tools will be re-used in some form one day. You and your team are total pro’s and a pleasure to do business with. Kind regards,

Matt Lane

Modern Gearing