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Metal Recycling Equipment

Our large catalogue of in plant material handling equipment is designed to warehouse your scrap in the most space saving, environmentally friendly and cost saving fashion possible.


Containers designed to prevent coolant spillage as well as special loading restrictions. Grated sub-floor allows for coolant drainage prior to the scrap leaving the plant.

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Dumping Hoppers

Loading hoppers locally designed to retain the cutting fluid. The mesh false bottom is used to retrieve the fluid before the scrap is dumped into the external container.

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Mini-Hoppers® are designed to fit under hard to reach conveyors and scrap discharge chutes. Each can be custom designed to suit your particular needs.

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Tote Boxes®

Custom designed tote boxes also allow for coolant recovery and spill control. Each box has a perforated floor to allow coolant to drain from the scrap. A valve located at the bottom allows for the coolant to be drained prior to loading.

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Hi Adam , Thanks for your help last week getting our surplus HSS tools recycled. It was nice knowing that these tools will be re-used in some form one day. You and your team are total pro’s and a pleasure to do business with. Kind regards,

Matt Lane

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