One of the most damaging things that can befall a business is the receptionist who feels it is his/her job to screen calls with no discretion.

Why do I say this is the most damaging? At our company, we have a trading floor where many buyers are on the telephone cold calling potential clients to drum up business and build a database of these names, street and email addresses. These callers are extremely well scripted and trained and can take rejection like a lovelorn suitor!!!!

I am always amazed when I walk through this department and listen to some of the conversations. For the life of me I cannot understand how any businessman or woman entrusts the first line of communication that introduces their companies to the public to be performed by a rude, surely individual.

In today’s world, we are able to communicate with each other so easily and this ease of communication allows us to get information that can help us not only run our companies but take advantage of free consulting services that suppliers offer their potential customers to get them on board with their companies.

Why on Earth would a person who answers the phones for a company discourage these discourses and be just plain rude?

You never know, today’s cold caller may be tomorrow’s paying customer.

So my advice to all of you is make sure that the person answering your phones sells your business, listens to callers and transfers the calls to the right people in your company so your callers get the best deal for you possible by taking advantage of all of this unsolicited information.

Business is tough enough today without having your receptionist sabotaging your efforts to make your company grow!

Happy Holidays to all of you!