Worldwide Leaders in Metal Recovery and Metal Recycling.

About Us

Located in North America, Globe Metal is a worldwide leader scrap metal recycler, specializing in tungsten carbide, high speed steel, molybdenum, cobalt, tantalum, spent catalyst, metal powder, and thermal spray.

Globe Metal was founded by Jeff Solomon in 1975. Today, even as a “little tycoon” in the specialty metals scrap industry, Globe Metal holds on to its family-owned vibe. We’re a thriving business, employing a multitude of people from every background and buying from almost every continent in the world.

Operating out of a beautiful new facility in Montreal, Quebec, our headquarters, we own a fleet of trucks and have different departments for each service we offer, including:

  • Waste management consulting services
  • Waste management recycling resources, including UN-rated drums
  • Transportation services to pick up scrap metal and arrange to deliver it to our plant
  • Clean methods of recycling and recovering metal
  • Sales services to distribute the metals we recover back into the marketplace

Customer focus is number one for us, which is why we offer a simple 3-step solution to sell your scrap metals to us and receive the highest price per pound.

We specialize in scrap tungsten carbide, high speed tool steel, nickel, molybdenum, cobalt, tantalum, catalyst, metal powder, and thermal spray, recycling these metals from nearly every industry. We offer our customers access to direct markets so that they can maximize the value of their scrap and waste materials.

ISO 9001-certified, we pride ourselves in our level of service and competitive pricing. Hazmat-compliant in every state in the United States, we pay the utmost care to the environment while offering the best price for the scrap metal we buy.